Memory Matching Game

Memory Matching Game缩略图

Description 📃

  • Memory Game, also known as the Concentration card game or Matching Game is a classic card-flipping game where players test their memory skills by matching pairs of cards. The objective of the game is to flip over two cards at a time and find all the matching pairs within the specified number of moves. Test Your Memory Power

Let’s Play Now

functionalities 🎮

  • You will start by flipping over one card
  • If the next card you flip matches, both the cards will stay flipped and moves increases by 1.
  • If the next card you flip does not match, the cards flip back.
  • The game continues until you match all the cards on the board.
  • Timer will be running for 5 minutes, after this the game ends.

How to play? 🕹️

  • Start by flipping over cards
  • Until All pair of cards are matched, the game continues.
  • Max Time limit you have is 5 mins.
  • Happy Playing!!

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